Sneak Peek: Meet the speakers on the Norcross Local Food Forum Panel

Local food has the power to bring people together

In Norcross, local food is a key part in building healthy, diverse and more sustainable communities.

And in many ways, Norcross is leading the way by example to show why sustainability matters and why local food is a key part of neighborhood growth.

Food Well Alliance, in partnership with Georgia Farmers Market Association and Norcross Community Market, is delighted to host the Norcross Local Food Forum on Tuesday, July 18 to share how community leaders in Norcross are building a stronger Gwinnett County through sustainable measures and locally-produced food.

Norcross Local Food Forum

During this community gathering, guests will have the opportunity to learn more about the work being done in Norcross and why local food is important from a lineup of local food leaders in Gwinnett County.

The panelists include:

Sagdrina Jalal | Georgia Farmers Market Association
Connie Weathers | Norcross Community Market
Karla Casas | Dichos de la Casa
Brennan Washington | Phoenix Gardens

Reserve your seat and join us to share and learn how Gwinnett County is building social and economic value for its residents.

Lunch will be provided and there will be giveaways throughout the free event. 

Translation for Spanish will be provided by #chicasdecienciacaliente of Pinckneyville Middle School and Dichos de la Casa. 

To access the event registration link in Spanish, click here.