Educational opportunities in community gardens, farmers markets and farm-to-fork programs are raising awareness of how to grow, cook and eat nutritious meals.

Healthy nutrition is essential to good health and disease prevention.  Many of these educational programs also have the benefit of increased physical activity, sunshine and opportunities to experience the natural world.

  • Good Samaritan Health Center has a 1-acre urban farm that hosts cooking demonstrations, discounted farm shares, and a food “prescription” program.

  • Partners in Action for Healthy Living- Belvedere creates community gardens as part of their mission to promote healthy eating and active living.

  • The US Department of Agriculture's interactive mapping tool allows you to see how your neighborhood compares in providing access to supermarkets. Which neighborhoods in Metro Atlanta have low access to fresh food? You may be surprised by the results.

  • Expanded Food and Nutrition Education Program(EFNEP) is run through University of Georgia Cooperative Extension Services and offers free nutrition-based classes and demonstrations for low-income communities. If you qualify, they will come to your farmers market, after-school program, garden or community event.  Click here for a list of county contacts.

  • The Centers for Disease Control gives an excellent overview of the issues and resources to determine if a neighborhood is a “Healthy Food Environment." Learn how zoning, transportation and retail contributes to a community's status.