Gardens, parks, trips to the farm and a stroll through the farmers market are good for the soul—and good for the health of a community.

Neighbors need a place to interact to share news and knowledge, swap recipes or seeds, ask after someone who’s been ill and perhaps offer to share a meal. What better place than a greenspace where local food is being cultivated or sold. This is just one of the ways that local food fosters healthy, happy neighborhoods.

  • Get ready for farmers market season!  Many markets stay open throughout the year, including the ones in downtown Decatur, Morningside, Peachtree City and Marietta Square.  Find one near you on Georgia Organics' Local Food Guide map.

  • Project for Public Spaces explains how markets are creating healthy, vibrant communities around the world.  Read more about how access to farmers markets shapes the way we eat and interact with one another.

  • Park Pride celebrates their 25th-year anniversary and continues to build community gardens in public spaces. Look at their resources page for all things community garden-related!

  • Ready to get your hands dirty, or lend your time and skills to one of the many worthy organizations around Metro Atlanta?  Check out our list of ways to get involved!