What is Leaf it to Spinach?

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Leaf it to Spinach is a state-wide effort to get kids across Georgia eating, growing, and participating in spinach-themed activities during October Farm to School Month.

How do I participate in Leaf it to Spinach in my school or community?

1) Sign up by clicking the above button to receive electronic resources via email (spinach themed lesson plans, activities, how-to guides on planting/harvesting spinach, videos, and more!) to help you plan and implement your Leaf it to Spinach activities.  The first 300 people to sign-up will get a free packet of spinach seeds and a Georgia Planting and Harvest Calendar for school gardens.

2) Plan your school’s Leaf it to Spinach activities by using the electronic resources that we send you via email.

  • Form a leadership team (your class, PTA members, other teachers, etc.) to help choose and plan activities.
  • Review the activities and lesson plans included in the electronic resources provided to you via email. Do you want to add spinach to a favorite recipe? Grow spinach in different conditions and see how it grows best? Host a spinach taste test? Grow and taste different varieties of spinach? The possibilities are endless!
  • Connect with cafeteria staff to discuss serving spinach as part of a school meal in conjunction with your Leaf it to Spinachplans.

3) Implement your activity!

Don’t forget to take pictures and post them to social media with #Leafittospinach.

4) Tell us about your Leaf it to Spinach activities!  We’ll send out a short survey in early November asking what you did and what the students thought. Last year, over 23,000 students participated! Help us break that goal this year!

Why Spinach?

  • Spinach is a tasty colorful power food-delicious either raw or cooked.
  • Spinach is rich in vitamin A, which is essential for good eyesight.
  • Spinach can help you celebrate the return of fall! It needs cooler temperatures, so is great to grow once students get settled into their routines in September.
  • Spinach can be added to a variety of recipes you already make, including salads, pasta dishes, omelettes, pizza, and much more!
  • Growing and trying spinach will make students more likely to eat it when it is served as part of a school meal.

Check Out Campaigns and Resources from Previous Years

Questions? Contact our Farm to School Coordinator at abbie@georgiaorganics.org.

Get full details: Georgia Organics