The Center for Civic Innovation's Rohit Malhotra Becomes an Echoing Green Fellow

PHOTO: Echoing Green

PHOTO: Echoing Green

It hasn't been a year  since the Center for Civic Innovation opened its doors to reach entrepreneurs with social-driven missions, and already the organization has made a name for itself. From non-profit executives to local farmers; everyone has confidence that this innovative organization will take Atlanta to the next level. 

Global non-profit, Echoing Green,  has also taken a liking to the Center for Civic Innovation and its founder, Rohit Malhotra, by selecting him as an Echoing Green 2015 Global Fellow.

Rohit will receive $80,000 in funding for two years, participate in leadership development events, receive mentoring from leading business professionals and, most importantly, become part of a global network of leaders.

Echoing Green is a global non-profit that awards "seed-stage" money to support positive social change.