Show Up in Numbers to Soil Fest 2016

Last year’s Soil Festival was an incredible event filled with members of community gardens from all over the city. We want this year to be even bigger and better than the last! That means we need you — yes, each and every one of your community gardeners — to sign-up for "Love Local: A Soil Festival to Grow Healthier Communities"  the 2nd Annual Soil Festival on August 27 at Truly Living Well’s new farm and educational center in Collegetown.

To make things extra awesome and fun for everyone, we’ve decided to incentivize your community garden coming out in numbers by making it easy for you to win compost — the more members from your garden that show up, the better your odds are of walking away with top quality cubic yards of compost for your community! Not only that, but getting people out in numbers will help us identify who makes up the garden community and better connect you to one another and to the broader movement.

Like many of the efforts we all undertake as part of the local food movement, we want you to help us gear up grassroots style by posting photos and videos of you and members of your community garden hard at work! Show your #lovelocalatl pride and let others know about this year’s festival happening on August 27! This is a great opportunity for you to spread the word about the festival, your community garden, and why the health of our soil is so important.

Community gardens are a huge player in educating communities, providing access to fresh produce and increasing the health and life of our soil! We have an incredible opportunity to make a big difference by making our own compost and helping to heal the soil in our city. What’s crazy is we don’t even have an idea of how many of you are out there. So remember, show up in numbers and spread the word!

Stay connected with us on social media by tagging your posts with #lovelocalatl, #soilfest2016. Register your community garden for this year’s festival at