Park Pride's Connecting with Parks: Call for Presentations


The deadline to submit is Monday, November 7, 2016.

Breakout sessions, hands-on workshops and pre-conference events will focus on this year's conference theme, "Connecting with Parks." Successful presentations will offer a unique and innovative opportunity for attendees to explore questions of connectivity.

Call for Presentations

Suggested topics of interest for breakout sessions and pre-conference events include, but are not limited to:

  • Greenspace: Where It All Comes Together - How does a community build social and economic capital through connections to parks? How can parks and greenspace connect people of different cultural, socio-economic, and educational backgrounds? What strategies are being used to connect people to the environment and nature through our parks and greenspaces? How can designers, park advocates, and municipalities build parks and programming which remove psychological barriers for communities of color to enjoy parks and the outdoors?
  • A Greener City, Suburb, and Region - What role do parks and greenspaces play in addressing regional issues of stormwater, transportation, population, and economics? How can political jurisdictions cooperate more fully to provide greenspace connections across municipal boundaries? What has led communities to take a regional approach to parks and greenspace?
  • Getting from A to Z - How do transportation corridors, green streets, and pedestrian/bike-friendly streets interrelate to conversations about parks and greenspace? What is the latest thinking related to connectivity and greenspace? How can parks and greenspaces unite in a network to provide real transportation alternatives? What role can parks and greenspace play in connecting suburban and rural communities?
  • Staying Connected Versus Getting Away from It All - How does technology and augmented reality impact the role of parks and greenspace in our lives? How has technology changed the way parks are used? Should parks be used as places of greater digital engagement? Should parks be places to "disconnect" and get away from direct daily interaction with technology?

Breakout sessions are 75 minutes in length and offer lecture-style presentations, panel discussions, or hands-on workshops. Approximately 8-12 proposals will be accepted for the breakout session presentations. Similar or complementary presentations may be combined into panels for a more diverse dialog.

Call for Presentations

Deadline to submit: Monday, November 7, 2016