Meet the 2019 Soil Festival Host Committee


Soil Festival 2019 wouldn’t be possible without the support of our amazing Host Committee volunteers. The Soil Festival Host Committee is made up of experts from all aspects of the local food system who work in teams to bring Soil Festival to life. We are thrilled to have such a strong team and can’t wait for you to see what they’ve been working on! Get to know our Host Committee:

J. Olu Baiyewu | Food Well Alliance
Kate Blohm | PeachDish
Tami Boyd | Food Oasis
James Carr | Longleaf Media
Justin Carr | Westside Future Fund
Terri Carter | UGA Extension
Fred Conrad | Food Well Alliance
Khari Diop | Greening Youth Foundation
Cloud Dukes | CompostNow
Michelle Gambon | Community Sprouts
Tony Gobert | Gwinnett Technical College
Becky Griffin | UGA Extension
Moe Hemmings | Atlanta Botanical Garden
Carol Hunter | Truly Living Well
Katherine Kennedy -|Concrete Jungle
Helen McGregor | Soil3
Flannery Pearson-Clarke | Food Well Alliance
Kalle Waterhouse | OutTeach

What's your first memory of playing in the soil / dirt?

Making mud pie from red clay, juice from sour grass and looking for the prized white clay, which was elusive. Terri Carter, UGA Extension

Helping my grandma and grandpa garden and do yard work. They did all the work, I just got dirty. Cloud Dukes, Compost Now

Planting pansies and impatiens in my grandma Carlene’s garden.
Khari Diop, Greening Youth Foundation

Digging a nuclear fallout shelter in backyard after Cuban Missile crisis.
Fred Conrad, Food Well Alliance

What's your spirit food and why?

Purple top turnips - 1. they're PURPLE! 2. they're versatile. 3. they're homey and southern. Katherine Kennedy, Concrete Jungle

Tacos - they can be as healthy, quirky, or straightforward as your mood dictates. Kalle Waterhouse, OutTeach

Cabbage - strong roots, bold, understated, simple, and versatile.
J. Olu Baiyewu, Food Well Alliance

Strawberries - they are my jam! - James Carr, Longleaf Media

Hey friends! This year’s Soil Festival is expected to be HUGE.

Are you:

A logistical whiz?
Physically strong?
Someone that keeps calm under pressure?
A people-lover?
Available on May 4th from 11am to 6pm?

Yes? Okay. We need your help!
Volunteer with us this year and have some good wholesome fun!