Learn how Gwinnett County is using local food to bring diverse communities together

Are you interested in learning how community leaders are using local food to build stronger and healthier communities in Gwinnett County?

Then join us for the Norcross Local Food Forum.

Food Well Alliance in partnership with Georgia Farmers Market Association and Norcross Community Market will host the Norcross Local Food Forum on TuesdayJuly 18th at the Norcross Cultural Arts & Community Center.

This community gathering will highlight:

  • How Norcross works with community partners to build community and improve the quality of life for its diverse community of residents through sustainable measures and locally-produced food
  • Norcross’s incredible growth and diversity through local food
  • Norcross and Gwinnett County’s demographic trends, community and economic development projects, and hyperlocal activities, such as Norcross Community Market

Reserve your seat and join us to share and learn how Gwinnett County is building social and economic value for its residents.

Lunch will be provided and there will be giveaways throughout the free event. 

Translation for Spanish will be provided by #chicasdecienciacaliente of Pinckneyville Middle School and Dichos de la Casa. 

To access the event registration link in Spanish, click here.