Grantee Profile: Rosario Hernandez of Historic Westside Gardens

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When Rosario Hernandez first moved to the Westside, it was really hard to find good quality produce. One day, she looked at her big backyard and said to herself, “Let me just grow some stuff of my own.”

Soon after, Rosario met Gil Frank, founder of Historic Westside Gardens, which fosters community self-determination through building equitable neighborhood networks around healthy, fresh and affordable food. Now she and other HWG Garden Angels are working alongside the community to install gardens at homes and in the community, teach citizens how to grow and eat from their gardens, and selling produce at the Westside Growers Market.

In 2018, Rosario was a Food Innovation Fellow to help build the market and develop a model that worked for the residents of her neighborhood. This year, Historic Westside Gardens instituted a training for local residents known as "Eating a Little Better - GAIN 0.2".

Keep up with her journey by following Historic Westside Gardens and visit the Westside Growers Market on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays,