Get to know the "Faces of Atlanta's Local Food Movement" (VIDEO)


Atlanta’s local food movement is an expansive group of doers that are forming uncommon collaborations to unite and strengthen the local food movement. From growers and composters to garden queens and youth organizers, we’ve captured some of Atlanta’s locavores who are passionate about our local food infrastructure. Hear what role they play in the movement and why they LOVE LOCAL!

Each of these faces is a representation of the diverse community that loves local. From the composters and gardeners in our community to the farmers and social entrepreneurs innovating to create urban growing techniques, each one serves to further the local food movement. And it is so much bigger than the food we produce and consume! 

We are faced with an amazing opportunity that is rooted in the most basic of necessities-- food! Through fresh, local food we seek to be better stewards of our environment, changing the way we think about how to grow in a metropolitan area; we seek to educate our local communities and improve health outcomes where fresh produce has not been readily accessible or affordable; and we seek to support our local economy and create jobs that keep precious funds right here in our city. 

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Thank you to our Food Well Alliance members who shared their passion in this video! (In order of appearance)

Katie Hayes
Community Farmers Markets

David Paull

Atiba Jones
Greening Youth Foundation

Emily Cumbie-Drake
Georgia Organics

Khari Diop
Think Green Inc.

Corinne Coe
Terra Nova Compost Cooperative

Fred Conrad
Atlanta Community Food Bank

Haylene Green
West End Community Urban Garden Nursery

Whitney Jaye
Justice Grown

J. Olu
Organix Matters

Bobby Wilson
Metro Atlanta Urban Farm

Jamie Hausman
Community Farmers Markets

Angelou Ezeilo
Greening Youth Foundation