Apply for the 2016 HABESHA Works Program

Photo: Courtesy of HABESHA Inc.

Photo: Courtesy of HABESHA Inc.

Visit HABESHA Inc for full details. 

HABESHA is now accepting applications for the 2016 HABESHA Works Program. Interviews will begin February through March and notify accepted participants by March  25.  In order to be considered for the program, you must complete an in-person interview.

Please CLICK HERE to fill out the application online and begin the processing of exploring the opportunities in urban agriculture!  SUBMISSION DEADLINE IS MARCH 25, 2016!  CLASSES START ON APRIL 6, 2016. HABESHA Works is a green jobs training initiative that teaches basic skills in urban organic agriculture and agro-business development.  HABESHA Works promotes sustainable agriculture as a tool for economic development within communities lacking adequate job resources and those experiencing barriers to healthy, fresh, high quality foods.  The components of HABESHA Works focus on three primary objectives.  They are:

  • Providing new skills and professional development training and education in sustainable agriculture to young adults.
  • Developing a community-based approach to health disparities by training individuals to produce and distribute organically grown vegetables in the local urban environment.
  • Establishing an economic development model that creates social entrepreneurship opportunities for participants to continue utilizing their training.

Visit HABESHA Inc for full details.