An inside look at how Norcross Community Market is strengthening community vitality in Gwinnett

Norcross Community Market is truly a unique farmers market because it strives to be a display of the area’s cultural diversity and heritage showcased through food grown and crafted by local farmers and food vendors from the community.

The producer-only farmers market brings the local community together and offers opportunities for residents of all ages, diverse backgrounds and socio-economic status to participate in the local food economy.

Through the success of Norcross Community Market, market organizers Georgia Farmers Market Association and Sustainable Norcross have ultimately been able to help the City of Norcross understand the value of a farmers market and how it can improve the experience of its residents.

Join us for the Norcross Local Food Forum on July 18th to learn more about how Norcross Community Market and community leaders in Gwinnett County are using local food to improve the health, sustainability and vitality of communities.

Reserve your seat and join us at the Norcross Local Food Forum.

Lunch will be provided and there will be giveaways at the free event. 

Translation for Spanish will be provided by #chicasdecienciacaliente of Pinckneyville Middle School and Dichos de la Casa. 

To access the event registration link in Spanish, click here.