2017 VOL.1

We are delighted to share Atlanta’s Local Food Baseline Report with you— a collaborative effort with more than 30 of our organizational partners! This report is the first of its kind to capture the current state of our city's local food system, and to understand its impact on our urban communities.

The report focuses on four core areas where local food benefits the community: economic development, community vitality, health and nutrition, and environmental stewardship. This report is just one way of telling the big story about our city's local food by showing a picture of where we are today. We invite you to join us in creating the roadmap and story of the future together.

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Do you know about the leaders building healthier communities in #Atlanta? Check out @thefoodwell BaselineReport!

Did you know 1 in 4 metro #Atlanta families live in food deserts? Learn how you can help support local foodaccess

Join us in the movement to build a strong local food system for Atlanta communities! via@thefoodwell #LocalFoodATL

For every $100 spent at farmers markets, $62 stays in our local economy. Is local food on your plate? #LocalFoodATL


Is local food on your plate? Not only does buying local support the 52 urban farms and more than 63 farmersmarkets that call Metro Atlanta home, it also helps to build healthier communities in Atlanta! Learn more aboutyour role in the local food movement in Atlanta: #LocalFoodATL

Learn more about the work of the leaders building a resilient local food movement in #Atlanta! Check outAtlanta's first Local Food Baseline Report to explore this work and to learn more about your role in the local food movement! #LocalFoodATL


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