It doesn’t take marketing mavens to reach audiences through strategic messaging, and PAHL’s Healthy Belvedere Community Garden has figured that out.

By putting an emphasis on messaging, the garden will enhance education and outreach to the neighboring Belvedere Park community.

PAHL’s (Partners in Action for Healthy Living) Healthy Belvedere Community Garden will build two outdoor message boards to reach garden members and community residents, respectfully.

One message board will be used by members including youth trainees and program volunteers who can access sun and water cycle charts, composting instructions and other educational literature to keep the garden flourishing.

The other message board will be a method of outreach to the greater community. Placed at the entrance of the community garden, this message board will attract neighbors to upcoming events and encourage wellness-driven cultural through healthy eating tips, produce market dates and opportunities to join the community garden.

Both message boards will increase awareness about growing food locally including the physical and financial benefits. The signboards will also give viewers the opportunity to engage and learn more at their own pace by meeting them where they are, even on a sidewalk.