North Marietta Neighborhood Community Garden has become a convergence area for three distinct communities. To the East of the garden, there are the curious students of Marietta’s Head Start program, who are anxious to eat the carrots they are growing. To the West is a gated-neighborhood full of local food enthusiasts, who enjoy getting their hands dirty. To the South is an evolving community full of optimistic residents, who are looking for opportunities to improve their neighborhood and quality of life.

The community garden has become a public space for them all, making North Marietta Neighborhood Community Garden a place of unlikely relationships.

Leaders of the garden recognize that each member has their own expertise to offer to the space, and they are wise with making the connections.

Food Well Alliance will help increase relationship-building in the garden by funding an ‘outdoor auditorium.’ The venue can be used for social gatherings, harvest dinners, children art workshops and resting in the shade.

The seating and deck will also provide a space for workshops, Head Start classes, potting plants, processing produce and displaying learning materials.