Check out our local Farmers Market Map to discover awesome sources for fresh, local produce. Not only do farmers markets provide our community with access to nutritious foods, but they also directly fuel our local economy. It can be so hard to know where and who our food is coming from. Shopping for fresh fruits, vegetables and more at our farmers markets gives you an opportunity to meet face-to-face with local producers. This transparency is unparalleled in many traditional grocery settings, especially when it comes to questions about how the process works or how to get connected with other programs like community supported agriculture (CSAs). Visiting farmers markets also guarantees access to seasonal foods, grown at the appropriate times and in the appropriate conditions to optimize nutrition. As if this wasn’t enough to try out a local market in your area, it is also a fun outing that can include the whole family. Grocery shopping becomes much more than just getting your food for the week and gives you a chance to meet farmers, producers and others in your community while educating your kids and spending time with friends or family.