High Hog Farm

City of Grayson, Gwinnett County

By Keisha and Warren Cameron

Many farmers stories stretch back thru family farms passed down to them, others are ones which take a direct route through ag school into business.

But our story began with a fixer-upper, a horse, and 7 baby chicks.

Four years ago, we officially became a family of accidental farmers, taking on the challenge of living our best life on the land. Since then, we’ve learned a lot thru our journey and are reaping the rewards of hard work.

As students of agroecology and indigenous foodways, we've chosen to honor age old farming traditions. We raise livestock and grow healthy food and fibers - naturally, without harmful chemicals or practices.

Our farm has grown into a space to wholly nurture people and build relationships between earth, self, and one another and it’s done by weaving the philosophy of “ubuntu” throughout all we do.

We think of this kind of sustainable farming, not as a new trend, but as an enduring and relevant one to our local food systems.

Fueled by a passion for becoming positive agents of change, we believe together, within community, we can provide good food to all, including the most vulnerable among us. Farming and sharing our harvests with family, friends and neighbors strengthens our universal bonds.

It breaks down barriers, connects our humanity and allows us to become better versions of ourselves.

Our question to you is, “How will you support family farms and preserve the traditions that define and connect us?”