Much like a waterhole in the desert, Hairston Lake Community Gardens has become a gathering space for residents of the Hairston Lake Apartments. It is a space for people  to commune, develop common understanding and build sufficient food access for the community.

Hairston Lake Community Gardens, a Housing Authority of DeKalb County’s center for senior and disabled adults, is using the power of water to build a resilient community near Stone Mountain’s momentous granite peak by developing a rainwater irrigation system onsite.

Food Well Alliance’s grant award will be used to install a rainwater system that will save the community garden time with efficient methods of watering. It will also save the apartment complex money used to resource city water.

The community garden will minimize its dependency for city-generated water, and the new structure will also make it easier for garden members to water the garden which would increase the yield and availability of fresh foods.

The garden is built into the physical and social structure of the adjacent community, where the housing authority has appointed staff to upkeep the garden.

In November 2014, the garden hosted the inaugural Harvest Tasting to invite community members to try foods that are grown on the 24-plot garden. With a great response from community members, the tasting will be held annually to build interest and awareness about local gardening.