Grow with the Flow

City of Tucker, Dekalb County

By Reggie and Roger Ramos

We are twin brothers and the founders of Grow with the Flow. We are also known as the Grow Bros. We operate an innovative farm, adopting a synergistic model in our community of Tucker where we grow on a network of gardens on underutilized residential lawns.

We install and maintain currently 10 market gardens. In exchange for the land and water, each of the homeowners gets a share of vegetables from our network of gardens. The rest of the produce is sold through several local market streams.

We were catalyzed to start our business after the passing of our mother from cancer realizing that food is medicine and medicine is food.

We wanted to grow more food and need more land but couldn’t afford it. This happens also to be the number ONE barrier for beginning farmers.

So, we creatively adopted this model of using underutilized lawns to circumvent that barrier. We see this model implemented in any communities to get fresh vegetables closest to where it is consumed and farmers can earn an income without buying land.

50% of farmland will change hands in the next 20 years. Who will it go to? Our vision is to move away from mass production and move towards production by the masses”. So we can have more farmers to have food security in this country.

How can we create more small-scale farmers in your city?