Good Things Garden is not your typical community garden.

Most gardens use a plot system, which provides a separate plot per member, but at Good Things Garden the members work together on large, shared garden beds.

This communal effort really emphasizes collaborative gardening. The garden members meet frequently on work days, where they make decisions collectively,  prioritize tasks, share gardening and cooking techniques and neighborhood happenings.

Food Well Alliance recognizes collaboration as a key practice in building a resilient community through growing food.

This method of community gardening also gives the members a larger variety of produce yields, which is an opportunity to expose neighbors to crops they never would have grown while working independently.

Although the work of the members is solid, Good Things Garden cannot expand growing plots due to an impractical water system. The current water hose stretches from a nearby home making the water pressure low, and the time to dampen the soil unreasonable.

Food Well Alliance’s financial award will help the garden install an efficient water system so the garden can increase yield (part of which they donate to Clarkston Community Center) and invite more neighbors to their garden community.