In order for locally grown food to reach more people, Atlanta's local food movement needs leaders who have the business acumen and the organizational expertise to connect more growers and consumers around food system innovation that will build healthier communities.

For this reason, Food Well Alliance has partnered with Center for Civic Innovation (CCI) to launch the Food Innovation Network for entrepreneurs, educators and community organizers using food as a transformational tool. The Food Innovation Network will provide Atlanta’s local food movement a chance to strengthen their business skills and organizational capacity, as well as a place to collaborate with others to solve local food challenges through collective action.  

Viable local food businesses and ventures are vital to the health and economic sustainability of Atlanta’s communities. These innovative ideas and projects - if successful - will address lack of access to healthy, local food, improve health and nutrition, will support local growers and farmers’ livelihoods and more.  

In addition to receiving one-year access to CCI’s monthly workshops and training, Food Innovation Network members benefit from quarterly educational events from local food experts and notable speakers, an online platform to share resources and pursue potential collaborations, and access to panel conversations with local food funders.

The strategic collaboration brings together Food Well Alliance’s investment of both financial and human capital in Atlanta’s local food movement, with CCI’s ability to provide technical capacity and business acumen to our city’s problem solvers and social entrepreneurs.

Both CCI and Food Well Alliance believe we can build healthier communities and address Atlanta’s local food challenges by providing educators, entrepreneurs and community organizers a collaborative platform to strengthen their business models, financial management, and design-thinking.

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