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Spring Plant Sale

  • Gaia Gardens pin Show Map 529 Summit Drive, Decatur, GA, 30032 (map)

Gaia Gardens is having an annual plant sale at Gaia Gardens on Saturday, April 9, from 10am-4pm. Come to our farm back gate at 529 Summit Drive, Decatur, GA, 30032. All of our plants are certified organic and grown with love. We have a great variety of tomatoes, cherry tomatoes, sweet peppers, medium heat and hot peppers, eggplant, okra, summer squash, zucchini, cucumbers, basil, classic and unique herbs, edible flowers, kale, chard, and lettuce seedlings. All plants are in 3 x 3 inch plantable Fertil pots, potted up with lots of worm castings and minerals, and are $3.75 each or receive a full tray discount (21 plants) for $68. Discounts for ELC residents and CSA members. Please see our list of varieties below and email if you would like to place a preorder. Preorders are not required. Hope to see y'all at the farm!

Tomato Varieties:
Black Krim - Russian heirloom, medium to large purple, burgundy slicer, so good!
German Johnson – Southern regional pink heirloom, nice acidity and great texture
Arkansas Traveler – Southern regional pink heirloom, medium sized slicer, heat tolerant
Cuor di Bue – farm saved seed, ox heart shaped meaty red Italian heirloom, Joe favorite
Moskovitch – early, Russian heirloom, open-pollinated red slicer, shorter bush habit
Park's Whopper - Hybrid, early medium red slicer, dependable, staff favorite
Beefy Boy - hybrid, large, big red fruit, beefsteak-type
Sunkist – hybrid, dependable orange slicer
Jaunne Flemme - French heirloom, saladette tomato, tangy, productive, staff favorite
Indigo Apple – saladette black tomato, high in antioxidants, slightly sour, unique
Garden Peach – saladette, golden peach color with hint of pink, fun fuzzy texture, unique
San Marzano – industry standard, reliable paste tomato type, bush habit, productive

Cherry Tomato Varieties:
Sungold - hybrid, golden cherry tomato, thin skin and sugary-sweet, super productive
Black Cherry - open-pollinated variety, large purple cherry tomato, sultry sweet!
Sweet Olive- hybrid, sweet red cherry tomatoes in a small olive shape, bushier habit
Supersweet 100 – hybrid, sweet round, red cherries, dependable
Purple Bumblebee – artisan purple, red striped cherry tomato
Pink Bumblee – artisan pink, yellow striped cherry tomato
Sunrise Bumblebee – artisan yellow, orange striped cherry tomato
Lucky Tiger – artisan, elongated yellow tomato with green stripes
Green Tiger – artisan, elongated green and yellow tomato, mildly tart

Sweet Pepper Varieties:
Islander – hybrid, large purple bell pepper turning orange when ripe, market favorite
Jupiter – large green to red bell type, most productive picked as an unripe green pepper
Carmen – hybrid, Italian large bull’s horn type, dependable, productive
Lipstick – green to red medium-sized pepper, super-sweet, productive
Glow – hybrid, green to gold medium sized pepper, very mild acidity
Antohi – small-sized rocking pimiento variety, prolific
Feher Ozon – heirloom Hungarian paprika pepper, medium sized yellow to orange to red
Sweet Chocolate – green to brown medium sized pepper, velvety texture
Jimmy Nardello’s Frying – heirloom frying pepper, also great for pickling, delicious
Lunchbox Peppers - bite-sized, great raw as lunch snacks, ripen red, orange, or yellow
Sweet Banana – classic, small, super-sweet pepper, green to yellow to orange to red
Red Cheese Pimiento – classic small, round, flat pimiento cheese pepper, sweet

Medium Heat Pepper Varieties:
Aji Dulce – has the shape, size, and aroma of habanero, but sweet with a mild heat
Shishito – Japanese snacking variety, perfect for light frying green or red, prolific
Numex Joe E. Parker – traditional Anaheim pepper bred out of original NM hatch chiles
Ancho Poblano – medium heat frying pepper from Puebla, MX, thick walled
Devil’s Kiss Piccante Calabrese – classic Italian pickling peppers, round variety
Padron - open-pollinated, traditional Spanish roulette frying pepper, sweet when small and green, some have serious heat while others do not, hot when ripened red

Hot Pepper Varieties (From Least Hot to Most Hot):
Wenk's Yellow Hots - heirloom, medium hot, oblong yellow to red peppers, bush habit
Jalafuego – hybrid jalapeno, super prolific large jalapenos
Tobasco – famous Louisiana heirloom, thin skinned, prolific
Joe’s Long Cayenne – heirloom cayenne variety, long tapered fruit, hot
Fish – heirloom, hot, striped pepper traditionally used for white paprika, rare
Hinkelhatz - heirloom, "chicken heart" hot pepper, great for cooking and pepper vinegar
Ghost – CAUTION!!! One of the hottest peppers, Indian variety, great flavor, but registers at 1,000,000 on the Scoville chart. We seed them wearing gloves and goggles!

Eggplant Varieties:
Nadia - hybrid, dependable, traditional, large, tear-shaped black eggplant
Pingtung Long - heirloom, Japanese-style eggplant, productive
Fairytale – hybrid, baby white with purple stripe eggplant

Okra Varieties:
Clemson Spineless - Productive green variety
Burgundy - Red, heirloom variety, beautiful

Cucumber Varieties:
Marketmore – classic green slicer, dependable and prolific
Green Finger – thin-skinned green cukes, Beit Alpha Type, productive
Lemon – Heirloom, round, yellow variety, cruchy and juicy

Squash Varieties:
Yellow Straightneck – classic yellow straightneck type, dependable
Midnight Lightning Zucchini – zucchini type with medium sized plant habit
Ronde de Nice – heirloom, round 8-ball type, delicious

Herb and Edible Flower Varieties:
Italian Large Leaf Basil– green large leaf basil, productive
Purple Opal Basil – purple leaf basil
Green Shiso – Japanese mint variety, clove-like
Papalo – traditional Mexican herb with heavy cilantro overtones, unique
Summer Thyme – classic thyme variety, more heat tolerant
Greek Oregano – classic wild oregano, skunky and sweet
Zaatar – Mediterranean herb tasting somewhere in between marjoram and oregano
Broadleaf Sage – classic green sage, bush habit, pungent
Anise Hyssop – also know as Korean mint, bush habit, delicious Anise scent with flowers
Bronze Fennel – perennial variety produces delicious fronds and flower with pollen
Borage – upright edible flower with blue-white blooms that taste like a sweet melon
Nasturtiums – peppery edible blossoms and leaves
Calendula (Pot Marigold) – edible petals for salads and garnish

Leafy Varieties:
Green Star Lettuce – green loose-leaf variety
New Red Fire Lettuce – red loose-leaf variety
Piraat Lettuce – heirloom, bronze bibb head variety
Red Russian Kale – most heat tolerant variety of kale

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