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ALFI Fruit Tree Sale & Orchard Project

ALFI’s annual Fruit Tree Sale raises funds for the ALFI Orchard Project by providing over 50 varieties of fruit trees, vines and berry bushes to plant in your garden or on your farm.  The 8th Annual Fruit Tree Sale will take place on Saturday, February 18th 2017.  We will be partnering with Georgia Organics to host the sale at their 20th Anniversary Conference and Expo at the Georgia International Convention Center.  

Orchard Project Application (PDF)


Why don’t you sell peach trees?
Georgia is known as the “Peach State,” but our climate actually makes it very difficult (some say impossible) to grow peaches without spraying a lot of chemical pesticides.

We know that not everyone who purchases from our sale will use 100% organic methods, but we carefully select our varieties to ensure that they are well-suited to our climate and less prone to disease, minimizing the need for chemicals.  We have many great varieties of fruit-bearing plants that thrive in our climate, so please check them out!

What if I’m not available to pick up my plants on the day of the sale?
Unfortunately, we don’t have a facility where we can store plants before or after the event, so you much pick up your events on the day of the sale!  All plants that remain after the sale will be contributed to the ALFI Orchard Project, which donates orchards to school and community gardens in metro-Atlanta.

What if I can’t plant right away?
We suggest planting within a few days of receiving your plants.  If that’s not possible, please store your plants in a protected but cool place such as a garage. For bare root plants, KEEP THE ROOTS MOIST. If you wait more than a few days to plant, the plants should be HEELED IN (buried in a moist medium), in a shady spot and watered thoroughly.  Keep the roots packed in sand, peat moss, or potting mix.  Trees can be kept like this for several weeks if necessary, but should always be permanently planted before showing any signs of bud swell or growth.  Protect trees from freezing before planting.  Prior to planting, SOAK TREES IN WATER FOR 12 TO 24 HOURS.

I love the idea of planting fruit trees, but I don’t have anywhere to plant them.

If you’d like to contribute toward a more sustainable and tasty landscape for the Atlanta area but aren’t in a position to plant trees, vines or berry bushes, please consider making a donation to support the ALFI Orchard Project, which donates orchards to school and community gardens in metro-Atlanta.

What if my fruit tree, vine or berry bush dies?  Can I get a refund or replacement?
Each year when we receive the plants from our suppliers, we take a careful inventory and quality check to ensure their health.  Most plants are dormant at this time of year, which is optimal for planting, so you should not expect to see leafing or budding.

We are confident that our plants were in good health at the time of the Fruit Tree Sale, but if you have any concerns about the health of the plants or are dissatisfied with their condition, please notify us before leaving the event.  If you have any questions about proper planting and care of your plants, please take a class offered by one of our partners or consult with one of the experts who are available at the Fruit Tree Sale.
In the rare situation that plants are not thriving after planting, it is typically a result of waiting too long to plant (roots dried out before planting), soil, location or other issues within your garden.  We do everything we can to ensure the success of each tree, vine or bush that is planted, but since we cannot control the conditions plants leave the Fruit Tree Sale, we are not able to take responsibility for plants that do not thrive.


Orchard Project

With the community’s financial support, the ALFI Orchard Project installs edible school gardens/community orchards that will feed, teach, and inspire.  Since 2010, over 20 orchards have been planted providing direct access to local food while improving the quality of the region’s landscape.  These orchards are teaching orchards and connect thousands of students, teachers, and citizens to the local food movement.  School teachers, community groups, and urban agriculture organizations are collaborating to insure the orchards receive the proper care and maintenance. These orchards directly support ALFI’s Plan for Atlanta’s Sustainable Food Future.