It takes a village to raise East Atlanta Village.

That is why East Atlanta Village Edible Learning Garden will collaborate with East Atlanta Community Association, Community Farmers Market, EAV Business Association, Branan Towers– the local senior housing center– and many other organizations to expand local food enthusiasm in the Southeast neighborhood.

East Atlanta Village is known for its music venues and late-night bars, but it will soon be known for its sustainable culture.

The East Atlanta Village Edible Learning Garden, which shares space with the Thursday night EAV Farmers Market, has spread the idea of holistic food consumption, one that considers the earth and proximity in food procurement for the community.

Through cooking-demonstrations for seniors, seed planting workshops for children, and partnered development with the East Atlanta Community Association the learning garden is able to influence the neighborhood on multiple levels.

The learning garden is open to the public, which creates a safe environment for young residents to play, but it is also hoping to expand in size and decrease theft issues by turning the adjacent parking lot into additional garden plots and picnic tables, a fire pit, rain barrels and dog-friendly stations.

The expansion will transform the learning garden and parking lot into a multi-use outdoor area for East Atlanta Villagers.

With the support of Food Well Alliance, East Atlanta Village Edible Learning Garden will offer seasonal courses related to sustainability and nutrition. The garden improvements will create a place for children to interact with nature and local food in a meaningful way, and increase safety by building more greenspace and lighting in lieu of parking spaces.