Atlanta Family Church Community Garden started two years ago on a neglected piece of church land that was covered in construction debris and invasive plants.

With little resources, committed church members cleared the land and installed plots for a garden they believed would transform the Ellenwood community and its residents.

The garden volunteers have taken creative approaches with minimal tools to build and tend to the garden. The gardeners water the plants through a spigot 350 feet away, tote tools in their cars to prevent theft and installed deer nets to protect their crops from hungry animals.

Nonetheless, Atlanta Family Church Community Garden has been able to host Sunday School classes in the garden, build a group of committed garden members and donate 10% of harvested produce to nearby pantries and shelters.

Food Well Alliance will help to expand the community garden in size and members by funding a fully stocked tool shed to be built onsite.

The garden is B.Y.O.T.– Bring Your Own Tools– which isn’t always feasible for church members, but the tool shed will create ease to encourage more church members to volunteer at the garden.

With the anticipated increase of volunteers, the garden looks forward to more outreach in the Ellenwood community for additional garden members.