Meet the 2016-2017 Food Innovation Fellows

Carver’s Produce: Carver’s Produce aims to establish an effective food hub that increases our local agricultural economy, develops a healthy supply and demand of sustainably sourced produce, and increases food security within low access areas.

Georgia Farmer’s Market Association: The mission of the Georgia Farmers Market Association is to strengthen farmers markets and increase food access in communities across the state by providing guidance to producers, technical assistance on market management, and healthy food access and education to consumers.

Georgia Women in Agriculture Association: Georgia Women in Agriculture works to empower socially disadvantaged women in rural and urban areas to gain available local and federal agricultural resources.

Gilliam’s Community Garden: The mission of Gilliam's Community Garden is to improve community health in the Oakland City neighborhood and adjacent areas area through greater availability of fruits, vegetables, poultry products, nutrition education, and increase social capital through its urban farming outreach efforts at local elementary schools.

Freewheel Farm: Freewheel Farm is a diversified urban farm committed to growing the highest quality Certified Naturally Grown produce for residents of Atlanta, turning vacant lots into thriving food oases.

Love is Love Farm at Gaia Gardens: Love is Love Farm aspires to demonstrate that young, landless farmers can build a successful farming operation and actively serve the good food movement through mindful land stewardship.

Small Farmer at Large: Small Farmer At Large supports Atlanta's local food movement by providing professional farm and garden services, and rejuvenates West Atlanta vacant lots into viable market gardens.

Urban Sprout Farm: Urban Sprout Farm is building an agricultural hub on an organic farm and nursery.

West End Community Urban Garden: West End Community Urban Garden is alleviating poverty through sustainability starting in the West End by bridging the gap between seniors and youth through urban gardening.

Learn more about the Food Innovation Fellows by taking a look at the 2017 Graduation Showcase video here.