Food Well Alliance brings people together to work collectively to build healthier communities by strengthening Metro Atlanta's local food system.

Food Well Alliance works to provide facilitation and opportunities to network, collaborate and design innovative solutions for individuals and organizations committed to building healthier communities.

We bring people together to collectively define a common problem and develop a shared vision for change in order to build a robust local food system. That means creating a culture that fosters relationship, trust and respect across participants to network and collaborate.

At Food Well Alliance, we derive strength from the diversity of thought, the scope of our network, the passion of our beliefs, and from the leaders who are building the foundations of our local food system.  

Food Well Alliance works to implement a meaningful collaboration process - one that utilizes a consistent methodology of bringing people together through Learning, Working and Design Tables to discuss the challenges and prioritize the opportunities facing organizations working to strengthen our local food system.

Our collaboration process is structured as:

Learning Tables

Learning Tables are community-based conversations focused on local food movement issues. Learning Tables provide the foundation for our research, and Food Well Alliance practices deep listening to develop a framework to identify the most important issue which impacts our local food system.   

Working Tables

Working Tables are leader gatherings to identify challenges and opportunities and reach consensus on strategic recommendations. Working Tables collectively identify needs, share data, align priorities, make recommendations, and promote action.  

Design Tables

Design Tables are process accelerators that test innovative and viable solutions to local food movement challenges.  The Design Table uses design thinking to place the end user at the center of our convening and research efforts.  Local food movement leaders present a pilot plan to Food Well Alliance on how the proposed solution will address the local food movement challenge.  If approved, Food Well Alliance provides initial funding for the pilot plan to test the leaders’ solution.  

Do you believe that local food can help build community?  Would you like to play a role in building a healthier community?