The local food movement improves Metro Atlanta's communities through four inherent benefits: community vitality, economic development, health & nutrition and environmental stewardship.

Food Well Alliance aims to bring people together and to connect them with the resources they need to create a vibrant local food system that will strengthen the local and regional tiers of food production and distribution.

Developing and supporting a robust local food system means having conversations at the neighborhood and regional levels to address issues like these:

  • Farming and growing practices
  • A neighborhood’s access (or lack of access) to fresh healthy food
  • Support for rural and urban farmers
  • Land-use planning to encourage and preserve local food production
  • Local food in hospitals and schools
  • Diet and nutrition education
  • Food waste diversion from landfills

In the long run, local food strengthens the economy and the sense of community that comes from people working together to produce food.

Local Food Can Help Address Our Community’s Challenges

In Metro Atlanta, serious food-related problems are complex and far-reaching. They include food insecurity, diet-related diseases, loss of farmland, threatened ecosystems and communities with low access to fresh, healthy foods. The impact of these problems is vast, but we can take steps towards solving them by rebuilding our local food system.

We invite you to learn more about how local food benefits our community.