Do you want to know how community leaders are using local food to build stronger and healthier communities in Metro Atlanta?

Would you like to be a part of the discussion on how you can help create the Atlanta you want to live in? Then we want to hear from you!

We are building a community of people committed to local food and want to showcase the hard work being done to build a better, stronger Metro Atlanta that supports our city's urban growers and contributes to making our urban farms, community gardens and farmers markets more sustainable.

Local Food Baseline Report

Food Well Alliance exists to unite Atlanta’s local food movement to build a healthy food system together.

We do this by building relationships with local food movement leaders to help create a vibrant, robust Metro Atlanta.

We believe in the power of showcasing the work of Metro Atlanta’s local food movement leaders to demonstrate the social and economic value of our city’s growing community-based agriculture, which is why this year, we are publishing Atlanta's first Local Food Baseline Report.

The report serves as a snapshot of Metro Atlanta’s local food movement by highlighting the key trends, challenges, opportunities and movement leaders that are building community in Metro Atlanta using sustainably-grown, locally-sourced food.

This year, we are also launching a Local Food Forum Series to share, learn and gather insights about how we can all collaborate better to build the resilient Metro Atlanta we all want to live in.

Local Food Forum Series

Food Well Alliance is hosting the Local Food Forum Series with community partners to showcase the impact local food is having in fostering community vitality in our city, building healthier communities, creating jobs and building a more sustainable Metro Atlanta.

The series serve as an opportunity for individuals and organizations to come together, share and learn more about the social and economic vibrancy healthy, local food is creating for our city and communities.

The Local Food Forum Series will focus on the following areas:

  1. Community Vitality

  2. Health & Nutrition

  3. Economic Development

  4. Equity in the Local Food System


If you have an interest in supporting our city’s local food movement and want to learn more about how sustainably grown, locally produced food can bring communities together, come out for the Local Food Forum Series.