Food Well Alliance is excited to announce our 2018 Local Food Grantee Partners through a total investment of $300,000. Our grantee partners represent non-profits, entrepreneurs and educators that are demonstrating through collaborative projects why locally-grown food is the most sustainable and equitable choice for ensuring healthy food access in Atlanta.

It is clear that leaders from Fulton, Dekalb, Cobb, Clayton, and Gwinnett counties see the value in working collaboratively with their nearby farmer or garden, to help educate, feed, and improve the health, economy and the social fabric of communities in Atlanta. The 13 dynamic organizations selected are implementing innovative approaches to increase the production and consumption of sustainably grown, local food in Metro Atlanta.

The 2018 Local Food Grant cohort includes a diverse group of leaders spanning across Metro Atlanta’s five most populous counties:

  • 46% are local growers
  • 69% are led by people of Color or Women
  • 54% are based in Fulton County, the remaining are distributed equally across Clayton, Dekalb, and Gwinnett counties
  • 62% are for-profit social enterprises
  • 54% are working on farmer viability and economic development
  • 46% are working on improved health through local food access
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Economic Development
Enhance productivity and viability of local farming enterprises

Aluma Farm
Compost expansion, fruit tree planting, and community food access along the Westside Beltline Trail

The Come Up Project
Social enterprise that trains recently incarcerated unemployed youth in value-added processing and marketing to sell “Sweet Sol” hot sauce sourced from local farmers in the West End

East Point Farmers Market
Working with the City of East Point to create a permanent location for the expanding market that serves primarily local low-income seniors and families

Ecosystem Farm
Wash station upgrade to expand sustainable local food production for growing CSA in East Atlanta

High Hog Farm
Small, family run sustainable animal and food production farm in Grayson, expanding to first farmers market in Gwinnett County

Hungry Heart Farm
Portable cold storage and compost upgrade for certified organic production farm and direct market CSA expansion in Clayton County

Organix Matters For All
Social enterprise focused on Southwest Atlanta farmer representation and consumer expansion at the West End Farmers Market


Health & Nutrition
Increase access to fresh, healthy food produced locally

Concrete Jungle
Interactive cooking and culinary preparation education of urban-foraged produce donated to local homeless shelters in Fulton County

Grayson High School
Integrated Georgia standardized science elective in greenhouse production and on-site farmers market for Gwinnett CoOp families

Little Ones Learning Center
Pre-K garden-based education, local farm-fresh food preparation and outdoor learning with children and their parents in Clayton County

Miller City Farm
Farm-to-Classroom education program at Renaissance Middle School and on-farm CSA expansion in Fairburn, South Fulton County

Open Hand Atlanta
Farm-to-plate integration into Cooking Matters nutrition education program connecting low-income communities to local farmers and locally-grown food.

The Paideia School
Urban agriculture expansion project with greenhouse classroom curriculum for Pre-K - 12 students to produce more sustainable food for nearby low-income communities.