We believe the power of a united local food movement can be a transformative force in metro Atlanta.

A local food movement that supports local growers, fosters entrepreneurship and innovation, and promotes the affordability and sustainability of healthy food can be transformative.

Join Food Well Alliance if you:

  • Elevate and accelerate the work of others in the local food movement
  • Believe in the transformative power of a local food movement
  • Are looking to connect with other leaders in your interest area to increase collaboration among Food Well Alliance members
  • Need access to relevant food system reports and data in the local food movement
  • Are ready to join us at a Learning Table, which functions as a professional development and networking community
  • Wish to highlight your organization in Atlanta’s Local Food Roadmap
  • Wish to be invited to Food Well Alliance member events
  • Are working to build healthier communities

Free and Valuable Benefits of Joining Food Well Alliance, We:

  • Promote the work of current and emerging organizations that comprise the local food movement
  • Mobilize human and financial capital in support of the local food movement
  • Craft collective impact initiatives that advance the work of the local food movement
  • Connect and convene members with one another around Food Well Alliance Collaboration Tables
  • Provide opportunity for your organization to be highlighted in Atlanta’s Local Food Road Map
  • Alert members of Food Well Alliance local grant opportunities to support community organizers, local food entrepreneurs and educators within the local food movement
  • Publish news of the local food movement in a monthly digital newsletter
  • Create and promoting unique Food Well Alliance events
  • Provide online resources for information relevant to your work.

As a Food Well Alliance member, we encourage you to: 

  • Self-identify as a member of the local food movement;
  • Align your work with other members based on key priorities and shared goals;
  • Share data for aggregation purposes with the local food movement;
  • Collaborate to create and support systemic solutions and foster innovation;
  • Help unite the local food movement by sharing Food Well Alliance messaging from our website via Twitter.com/thefoodwell, Facebook.com/foodwellalliance, Instagram and Linkedin.com/company/food-well-alliance.