Food Well Alliance believes food builds community, and that a healthy local food system ensures that all people have equitable access to sustainably grown, locally sourced food. As an Alliance, we unite communities in Atlanta to build a robust local food system; and we connect people, ideas, leadership and capital to build a city that values healthy, locally grown food.

No matter who you are, everyone has a role to play in strengthening our city’s local food system. Play your part in a growing community committed to supporting local food in Atlanta!

Join Food Well Alliance If You Want to...


Benefits of the Alliance include:

  • Opportunities to come together and learn about innovative work happening in our city’s local food movement by attending a Food Well Alliance Learning Table

  • Access to funding opportunities and resources to build your capacity and further your work to strengthen Atlanta’s local food movement, including our annual $25,000 Local Food Grant

  • Be the first to know about local food events and innovative programs, practices and work that is influencing Atlanta’s local food movement

There is no cost to join and you will be connecting with others who believe local food can build healthier communities and a livable, resilient Metro Atlanta.