Food Well Alliance is the place to convene and collaborate for anyone who wants to build a healthier community by strengthening the local food system.

Food Well Alliance connects people and resources across Metro Atlanta to amplify and accelerate the local food movement. More people working together will increase solutions, participation and resources.

Collaboration also acts as a catalyst to mobilize capital, which will lead to a rise in locally-grown, healthy food on dinner tables.
We form Working Well Groups that include community organizers, educators, local food entrepreneurs, planners and investors.
Our Working Well Groups collectively identify needs, share data, align priorities, make recommendations and promote action.
We derive strength from the diversity of our thought, the scope of our network, the passion of our beliefs and the resilience of our vision.
The ultimate goal of Working Well Groups is to establish ongoing dialogue and action that extends far beyond the group to the broad-based community of the Metro Atlanta local food movement.
Do you want to play a role in building a healthier community? Have something of value to share with others? Do you believe in the transformative power of a Local Food Movement?

Join the Food Well Alliance