In an effort to strengthen the local food movement, Food Well Alliance provides access to capacity-building resources and makes strategic investments in local food organizations that are working to put healthy, locally-grown food in the hands of all Atlantans.

Our funding priorities are directly informed by the local food movement. Periodic grant opportunities are reflective of the needs identified by community-based organizations that we convene through our Collaboration Tables, and aligned with national trends.

As a Food Well Alliance grant recipient, we are committed to providing personalized mentorship, in addition to financial support. Our investments are aimed to enhance high impact programming, while building leadership capacity in the local food movement.

We mobilize capital in three ways:

1. Grants

Our grant program is designed to support entrepreneurs, community organizers, and educators who are using local food as a transformational tool to build healthier communities through programs and projects that are making systemic impacts in four strategic areas:

  1. Economic Development
  2. Health and Nutrition
  3. Community Vitality
  4. Environmental Stewardship

Local Food Grant

Through our annual Request for Proposals (RFP) process, Food Well Alliance provides project-specific grants for up to $25,000 to both non-profit organizations, public institutions and local food enterprises that are working across Atlanta's local food system.

To date, Food Well Alliance has invested $1.5 million through our annual Local Food Grant. Get to know the 2018 Local Food Grant recipients here.

Community Garden Grant

Food Well Alliance provides micro-grants to existing community gardens that seek to improve garden infrastructure and increase the vitality of their communities. Learn more about the 12 gardens we supported in 2015, through our Community Garden Grant.

In conjunction with our Leaders Growing Community Gardens Initiative, Food Well Alliance will launch the next Community Garden Grant application process in January 2017 for urban gardens who are promoting leadership and community vitality in their neighborhoods.


 2. Design Tables

Each year, Food Well Alliance sends out a request for applications from passionate and qualified organizations who want to be a part of a team that collaboratively designs and implements a pilot project that tests scalable, achievable solutions to solve tough local food system challenges in Metro Atlanta.

Design Tables work as a process accelerator, focusing on designing viable solutions, then testing them through innovative piloted projects. If successful, these pilot projects can be scaled and replicated across Metro Atlanta.

Design Tables are comprised of impact-driven local food leaders selected by Food Well Alliance for their willingness to work collaboratively with their peers to develop cutting-edge solutions while leveraging their collective assets and intellectual capital.

The Design Table process consists of four phases:

  1. Orientation Phase

  2. Design Phase: Facilitated design sessions focused on developing a pilot project to test a solution Pilot Pitch Phase to Food Well Alliance: Development of pitch deck and presentation on pilot project

  3. Decision Phase: Food Well Alliance makes a decision on whether to fund or not fund the pilot project.

  4. Implementation Phase: If the pilot project receives Food Well Alliance funding, then the Design Table Fellows implement the pilot project.

To date, Food Well Alliance has invested $200,000 in Design Tables. To learn more about our current Design Table click here.

Learn more about our previous Design Tables including Healthy Soil, Healthy Community Initiative, Sustainable Farming Initiative and the 2016 Leaders Growing Community Gardens Initiative.


 3. Community Capital Program

Food Well Alliance mobilizes community capital to provide opportunities for Atlanta’s local food movement to strengthen their business acumen and organizational capacity. Whether it is tax-preparation classes for farmers or marketing workshops for local food entrepreneurs, Food Well Alliance funds local organizations to implement innovative capacity-building programs that develop stronger, more financially-viable local food enterprises.

To date, Food Well Alliance has worked with the Center for Civic Innovation and Community Farmers Markets to offer the following community capital programs - the Food Innovation Fellowship & the Vendor Growth Program.