7 Days Left to Join Healthy Soil, Healthy Community

There are just seven days left to register for the Healthy Soil, Healthy Community Initiative. Don't miss the opportunity to receive quality compost and composting tools for your garden.

Composting builds healthy soil, which can increase garden yields and decrease plant pests and diseases.

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Dig in: New collaborative initiative promotes healthy soil

Eight committed organizations in Metro Atlanta’s local food system offered their leadership and expertise to collaborate on supporting community growth through healthy soil. The initiative will address common challenges in Metro Atlanta’s community gardens and contribute to food security improvements, access to locally-grown food, and an increase in community activities and connections. 

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Grow Your Community Garden with Workshops & Composting Resources

We are announcing the Healthy Soil, Healthy Community Initiative, a collaborative effort to support community gardening through educational tools, technical assistance, online resources, and community events.

Free compost workshops are available from June through October, and are designed to help you improve your garden's soil and increase your composting skills.

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