Food Well Alliance, formed in partnership with Atlanta Community Food Bank, exists to connect members of Atlanta’s local food movement around building healthier communities, transforming our local food system and improving our lives.

What is a local food movement? It is a movement of people, organizations, businesses and educators that are all working to put more local food on the table, which strengthens our community and our local economy.

These individuals and organizations support local agriculture, food distribution channels, awareness efforts, food waste recovery and, of course, food consumption. As we say – if you eat, you’re in.

We are three things.

We are a Connector. We connect the people, ideas and resources that are working to build healthier communities with one thing in common – local food.

We are a Promoter. We seek to promote and support leadership and innovation within the movement – to offer a common table, if you will, for joining together and advancing common goals.

We are a Mobilizer. As a grant maker, we mobilize capital – both human and financial – to invest in leaders, innovators and educators that are moving local food forward and strengthening our food system.

Local food gives us an opportunity to eat better and promote healthy living, and it helps connect us more closely to the land and to each other.

Our mission is to grow a resilient, local food movement in Metro Atlanta by connecting individuals and organizations and promoting collective action to build healthier communities.

Our vision is a community that puts locally grown, healthy food in the hands of everyone.

Our promise is to foster collaboration and to empower individuals and organizations to use food as a transformational tool to build healthier communities.

We believe that local food has the power to transform Metro Atlanta.


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